"What an experience to dress up a car"

Smeilinener was commissioned by Chevrolet to take its all-new Spark mini car and use the body and interior as a canvas to showcase the bold design that Smeilinener is recognized for.

The interior design, full of movement, with animated colours and textures becomes a cocoon-like environment for the passengers. A sea of orange denim literally encases the interior, with openings for each person's head. Around these openings hand-embroidered elements and exquisite fabrics, so no matter who gets in, they appear dressed from head to toe in Smeilinener.

"For mini cars, which are increasingly popular, style is a key factor of success. Smeilinener ignited a 'Spark of Fashion' for Chevrolet. The beautiful designs and ornaments highlight what Spark is about: fun and fashion," said Wayne Brannon, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe.

pictures: Kerstin zu Pan